Teresa’s Story

Just Breathe – Hope Beyond Hurt

Just Breathby Teresa Rilling

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“I never have to remember this pain again – he’s dead,” I said smiling secretly to myself as I walked lightly from the living room to the dining room. At age ten I felt my life had just begun. With him out of the picture I could laugh and play like any other child. –excerpt from the book

“Teresa, your book really inspired me! It really made me believe in happy endings, real happy endings that take time and prayer and daily struggles. I know that every one has a story but now I see that there is hope for change in everyone’s life and that includes mine. Thanks for the inspiration.”

“I was so excited to get your book. I read it in one sitting. Such a sad thing for a child to go through. Very heartbreaking. Its a testament of what Jesus has done in your life because you are such a fun, wonderful, loving and giving person. It’s also a testimony to the people God gave you, who were ‘God with skin on’ to love you. You are such an inspiration, Teresa! Tons of love and prayers in Jesus.”